Style: Abbey triple
Fermentation: top fermentation with natural fermentation in the bottle
Color: amber
Characteristics: Veiled appearance, very fine foam, abundant and creamy. Full-bodied with the typical aromas of yeast notes fresh yeast and bread crust, combined with an aftertaste richness.
On the palate the initial sweet notes of malt let the bittering of the hops emerge at the end.

Size: 50cl, 30 L.


Water, barley, hops, yeast.

Alcohol content and temperature

Alc. 7,5% Vol.

Made in Italy

Beer made in ITALY.

Recommended pairings

Bruschetta, Battered dishes, Pasta with rich sauces, Aged cheeses, Savoury pizzas, Red meat dishes, Smoked fish.

Abbaye de Bonne Esperance is one of the 27 Abbey Beers recognized by the belgian administration. As such, we still carry on, to this day, the dictates of the monks who created it.

We have, in fact, received the trust of the Abbey, which allows us to directly produce this historic brand, which has been linked to our company since 1978.