Style: IPA with dry hopping
Fermentation: top fermentation with natural fermentation in the bottle
Color: amber-brown
Characteristics: well balanced beer with varied nunaces and fine perlage; very strong cream, persistent body for those who love complex and contemplative beer. Hops used give o a vegetable and floral bouquet including notes of peony, bergamot and lime. Persistent bittering notes emerge and leave a fresh and delicate sensation in the mouth.
EBC: 26
EBU: 50
Size: 50cl


Water, barley, hops, yeast.

Recommended pairings

Alc. 5,6% Vol.

Made in Italy

Beer made in ITALY.

Recommended pairings

Very fragrant beer, goes well with dishes such as game, bruschetta and anchovies, cod, savory and spicy dishes.

Located at the eastern end, the Castello district portrayed here is the largest in the city. Among its landmarks are the Arsenale, the church of San Giovanni in Bragora and Palazzo Grimani.