Full taste, golden color, fresh and thirst quenching


Style: Ale
Fermentation: top fermentation with natural fermentation in the bottle
Color: straw
Characteristics: persistent foam, medium sparkling, full, fresh and thirst-quenching taste. Hints of wheat, presence of noble yeast.
EBC: 11
EBU: 24
Size: 50cl


Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast.

Alcohol content and temperature

Alc. 5% Vol.

Made in Italy

Beer made in ITALY.

Recommended pairings

Its freshness goes well with pizzas and focaccias, salads, grilled fish and white meats. Also ideal to accompany risottos.

The landscape represents the rural dwellings of Italy at the beggining of the century, from which this style of beer is inspired.