Prolonged taste, ruby brown color, re-fermented in bottle


Style: Ale
Fermentation: top fermentation with natural fermentation in the bottle
Color: deep brown
Caharacteristics: dark and enveloping shades, creamy foam. Prolonged taste and balanced roasting. Fragrances of coee and toasted malt with vague hints of red fruits.
EBC: 81
EBU: 22
Size: 50cl


Water, barley, hops, yeast.

Alcohol gradation and temperatur

Alc. 8% Vol.

Made in Italy

Beer made in ITALY.

Recommended pairings

Perfect beer for game, red meat, braised meats and stews. Its intense and toasted taste means that it also fits perfectly with chocolate-based desserts and dried fruit.

The landscape portrays the malt houses where the barley grains are transformed into malt, through germination and subsequent drying.