Based on our memories of the American Craft Beers, drunk on Manhattan’s rooftops.


Style: American IPA
Fermentation: Top fermentation with natural fermentation in bottle
Characteristics: Beer with a medium body, strong fragrance and a good bitterness. Its main characteristic is the persistence of the hops.

EBC: 35
EBU: 50
Size: 50cl


Water, barley malt, hops, yeast. Contains gluten.

Gradation and temperature:

Alc. 5,6% Vol.

Made in Italy

Beer made in ITALY.

Recommended pairings

Ideal with gourmet hamburgers, tacos, spicy dishes and strong-flavored cheese.

The label displays the most famous glimpses of New York City, represented in a minimal style inspired by the 1920s Art Deco style.